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PEMF Therapy

Single Sessions: Quick Relief and Immediate Benefits

Our one-time PEMF Therapy sessions are perfect for those needing immediate relief. Whether you're dealing with acute pain, recovering from an injury, or simply seeking a boost in overall wellness, a single session can provide rapid pain reduction, improved circulation, and enhanced cellular repair.


20 min - $40

40 min - $80

60 min - $100

Ideal for newcomers and those with occasional needs, a one-time session offers a convenient and effective way to address specific issues and feel better fast. 

Packages: Unlock the Benefits of Consistent Care

Our PEMF Therapy packages offer a convenient and cost-effective way to experience the full benefits of consistent treatments. By purchasing a package, you ensure regular sessions that can enhance the cumulative healing effects of PEMF Therapy.


20 Minute Package

4 sessions - $140 

8 sessions - $260 

12 sessions - $360

 (save $20 / $35 per session)

 (save $60 / $32.50 per session)

 (save $120 / $30 per session)

40 Minute Package

 (save $20 / $75 per session)

 (save $80 / $70 per session)

4 sessions - $300 

8 sessions - $560

4 Sessions Package: Ideal for those seeking a month-long boost, this package provides one session per week for four weeks, helping to maintain a steady improvement in overall wellness.


8 Sessions Package: Designed for more intensive care, this package offers two sessions per week for four weeks, accelerating your path to relief and recovery.


12 Sessions Package (20 minute package only): Perfect for those committed to a comprehensive healing journey, this package includes three sessions per week for eight weeks, maximizing the therapeutic benefits and promoting long-term health and well-being.

Standard Services

Relaxation, Therapeutic, Prenatal Massages


30 min $50

55 min $80

90 min $125

120 min $160


Speciality Services

Myofacial Release

55 min session $90


Infra-red Massage Decompression Table

20 min - $20

40 min - $40

Permanent Make-up Services - Call for Free Consultation


Emergency Services

30 min $75

55 min $150

90 min $225

120 min $300

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