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Lynette Pearson L.M.T

Specializing in:
- Therapeutic Massage
- Myofascial release
- PEMF Therapy
- Chronic Pain
- Sports Injuries 
- Sciatic Nerve Pain
- Neck Nerve Impingements
- Emotional Release

- Restoring Energy Levels

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Hello, I’m Lynette Pearson, one of the original pioneers of Angola Massage Group. A place once powered by a group now singularly focused through my vision and dedication. 


After listening to our clients and communities alignments for the last 21 years,  makes me that much more excited to be the first to introduced PEMF Therapy within our community. This isn’t just an addition to your services. It’s a revolution in pain relief and wellness!


I started my journey in health and wellness in 2003. After graduating from Center for Vital Living in Fort Wayne, IN,. I traveled to China for additional training, This experience ignited a passion for both eastern and western wellness practices. The difference in philosophies drove me to dive deep into the differences and synergies between these worlds. Now fulfilling my dream from two decades ago,  I am bringing that global perspective back home. Most notably, through introduction of PEMF therapy. One of the most extremely beneficial holistic therapy being practiced in present day. 

PEMF Therapy is more than just a new service; it's a game-changer for both humans and animals. Yes, you read that right—our furry friends can benefit from this amazing therapy too! By combining this with traditional massage techniques, I am setting a new standard in holistic wellness.


My mission at Angola Massage Group is clear: to guide my clients and our community towards their wellness goals by blending traditional massage techniques with cutting-edge technologies. I am not just offering massages; I am offering pathways to better health and happiness, for you and your pets.


Join me as I embark on this exciting journey, bringing the best of pain relief and therapeutic bodywork to our community. Try this remarkable therapy and see how it can help you reach your desired bodywork goals.


Here’s to wellness for all, on two legs or four!

What you can expect...

Energetically Charged

Happy, genuine, grateful focused on emulating off great energy. Working with a therapist that is emotionally and energetically charged is so very important. When allowing someone to change the flow of your energy make sure you feel comfortable with them.

You want to be comfortable being vulnerable with your therapist because ultimately they will be the vessel to help pull out of your body injuries, emotions and memories that we stifle and let sit stuck way to long. This comfortability level will aid you in a true full body release.


It is so hard to schedule appointments out when we have no idea what tomorrow holds. That being said when a client and therapist respect each other and their time it can build a beautiful relation. I cannot promise that I won't have to cancel or reschedule. What I can promise is I know how important your session of bodywork is to you and I will reschedule to get you in ASAP! In return I ask that you respect my 24 hour cancellation policy so that I have ample time to try to fill any appointments if you need to cancel.


The 4 walls of my massage room do not talk. They have heard so many conversations and then it disappears. When my clients walk out of the door they leave lighter with the weight of the world and their life's frustrations dissipating in to the air.


My passion of the human body and my need to help others feel better constantly has me pushing, searching and educating myself in new modalities, treatments and tools available. I have so much passion, my purpose is to help as many people feel better as possible. 

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