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Over 2 decades of experience has fine tuned myself into a multifaceted therapist in holistic wellness and healing modalities.

I pride myself on personalized care for each client individually. I specialize in helping my clients get back on track to finding their wellness rainbow. 

Lynette Pearson L.M.T

Master Massage Therapist:Specializing in Massage Therapy & Myofacial Release (MFR)

With over 20 years of experience in health wellness and massage I have established myself as a respected and sought after massage therapist and wellness assistant. With a multifaceted expertise that spans throughout many pathways of wellness it makes me a versatile asset for a wide range of services provided.


I earned my degree from Center for Vital Living, Ft Wayne Indiana in 2003 and have worked in the industry and provided amazing care to healthcare community giants like Cameron Hospital and Urgent Care, Trine University, Parkview Hospital just to name a few. I continued to receive extensive training and continued education from all over the world.

My approach is simply using which ever tool/ modality in my bag of knowledge to accomplish our body work goal. My therapeutic massage is a combination of different techniques learned over the years. Your body's problem dictates which tool/ modality I use to get your muscles or facia to release and let go. There is no cookie cutter in wellness. I customize each session based around your needs and desired bodywork goals.

Weather you just need to relax or you can't move a body part I am here to help you accomplish it.

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-Emergency Sessions
- Daily Life Stress
- Chronic Pain
- Sports Injuries 
- Sciatic Nerve Pain
- Neck Nerve Impingements
- Anxiety & Depression
- Sleeping Issues
- Emotional Release
- Energy Levels
- Chakra Balancing
- Elderly Massage
- Holistic Wellness Guidance

What you can expect from Lynette as your therapist.....

Energetically Charged!

Happy, genuine, grateful focused on emulating off great energy. Working with a therapist that is emotionally and energetically charged is so very important. When allowing someone to change the flow of your energy make sure you feel comfortable with them.


You want to be comfortable in being vulnerable with the therapist because ultimately they will be the vessel to helps pull out of your body injuries, emotions and memories that we stifle and let sit stuck way to long. This comfortability level will aid you in a true full body release.


It is so hard to schedule appointments out when we have no idea what tomorrow holds. That being said when I client and therapist respect each other and their time it can build a beautiful relation. I can not promise that I won't have to cancel or reschedule. What I can promise is I know how important that bodywork is to my client and I will reschedule to get them in ASAP!


The 4 walls of my massage room do not talk. They have heard so many conversations and then it disappears. When my clients walk out of the door they leave lighter with the weight of the world and their life's frustrations dissipating in to the air.


My passion of the human body and my need to help others feel better constantly has me pushing, searching and educating myself in new modalities, treatments and tools available to help my clients physically. I have so much passion that it is infused into the air. 

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