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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

You can book your appointment by calling 260-668-4918 and leave a message. Include length of a session desired, as with the days and times that you are needing to meet your schedule. You can text this number as well and leave the same information. I will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can reach out through Facebook as well as there are limited bookings for emergency services on-line.


Is Pre-payment required?

No pre-payment is not required. However if you are wishing to pay ahead from an appointment scheduled that is allowed.


Is a Credit Card required to be put on file when booking an appointment?

Yes, all clients are required to maintain a current card on file to secure their appointment times and to ensure the 24- Hour cancellation policy is met.

What's your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time then there will be no charge for your cancellation. If you cancel with in the 24 hours of your appointment there is a 50% of service charge to your credit card on file. If you cancel within 6 hours of the appointment time and or NO-CALL NO-SHOW there is a 100% penalty that will be charged to your credit card on file. Please be courteous to myself as well as my other clients whom are needing to be seen. If you can not make your scheduled appointment let us know as quickly as possible so that we may offer the time to someone else.


Is there anything charged to my credit card at time of booking?

No, there is no charge or hold placed on your card. You are free to pay by which ever means you wish when you come in. I accept Cash, Check and all major Debt and Credit Cards. (Including American Express and HSA Cards.) 

If paying by debt/HSA/credit cards there will be an additional 4% convenience fee. Cash or check no fee!

Why should I consider massage therapy?

Massage therapy offers numerous benefits, such as stress reduction, muscle tension relief, improved circulation, increased flexibility, and overall relaxation.


How often should one have a massage?

Frequency depends on individual goals and needs. Some prefer weekly sessions for targeted relief, while others opt for monthly visits for general well-being.


Swedish massage vs. deep tissue massage: What's the difference?

Swedish massage emphasizes relaxation using lighter strokes, whereas deep tissue focuses on deeper muscle layers to address pain and tension.


Will I experience pain during the massage?

While some techniques might cause slight discomfort, a massage should never be painful. Always communicate with your therapist regarding your comfort.


How long does a typical session last?

Standard massage sessions last 60 minutes, but they can range between 30 to 90 minutes based on treatment specifics and client preference.


What attire is appropriate for a massage?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Depending on the massage type, you may be asked to undress to your comfort level.


Is full undressing necessary?

Not at all. You're encouraged to undress to your comfort level. Some treatments may even be performed with the client fully clothed.


How does massage differ from chiropractic treatments?

While massage targets soft tissues (muscles, tendons, and fascia), chiropractic care focuses on the skeletal system, particularly spine alignment.


Is it common to fall asleep during the session?

Absolutely! Many clients drift off during their massage. It's a testament to the relaxation and comfort they experience.


Any dietary considerations before a massage?

Avoid large meals right before your appointment. However, a light snack is perfectly acceptable.


Are there conditions that make massage therapy risky?

Yes, certain conditions like severe hypertension or recent surgeries may require caution. Always share any health concerns with myself or any other therapist beforehand.


Should I bring anything to my session?

Generally, just yourself. If you have specific products you'd prefer due to allergies or personal preference, you can bring them.


Is talking during a massage okay?

Your session is about your comfort. Some enjoy conversing, while others prefer quiet. Your therapist will follow your lead.


How might I feel post-massage?

Most feel deeply relaxed. Some may experience minor soreness from deep tissue work, which typically subsides in a day or two.


Do therapists use oils or lotions?

Yes, oil is my preferred product that I use to reduce skin friction. If you have sensitivities or preferences, please let me know. If you prefer I use a lotion or body cream to enrich and customize your session please contact me before hand and I am happy to accommodate special requests.  


Does insurance cover massage therapy?

Some plans may cover massage therapy, especially with a medical referral. Always check with your insurance provider for specifics. That being said, You would pay for your massage session up front and then file the claim with your insurance company for reimbursement.


What if I have allergies to certain products?

I do use a nut free fragrance free oil. I only add essentials and requested by clients. However please inform me of your allergies since this too can have other effects over your body and your muscle tightness.


Is post-massage soreness typical?

After deep tissue treatments, minor soreness is expected but should ease in a day or two.


Can the massage focus on particular areas?

Certainly! We can customize your session to focus and address your biggest areas of concern. Although we all need a full body massage, there are those days you just need more time and attention in those specific areas of concern.


How many massage therapy types exist?

Numerous! Including Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone, and many more, each with its unique benefits.


Is massage safe during pregnancy?

Yes, working with a well trained therapist can help you manage the symptoms and unlovely pains of pregnancy. With 20 years experience I have learned it first starts with the table! HUH? You may ask? Well my table was custom crafter for the soon to be mom in mind. With breast recesses that every woman loves, the table also is equipped with a belly hole that pops out. This allows our soon to be mom to finally lay face down again, while allowing gravity to be her best friend and allow baby to float off of the organs being squished, kicked and or impinged. Prenatal massage is not recommended in your first trimester. From 2nd trimester till the glorious day you are in most cases clear for massages. Always consult your physician prior to any treatment. Since frequent massage during pregnancy can decrease labor up to 3 hours it is very common for massage therapists to work in conjunction with Physicians to help aid and assist the mom to be pains and comfort level through holistic measures. 


What if I become uncomfortable during my session?

Your comfort is paramount. Please tell me immediately of any discomfort or concerns. There are different options that we can utilize to help achieve your comfort level.


Should I tip my massage therapist?

While tipping isn't mandatory, it's a appreciated gesture. A common tip is around 15-20% of the session price.

How do I determine the right massage for me?

Reach out to me today and we can start discussing your goals and concerns, and together we can guide your body to the most suitable treatment and get you headed back on track.

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