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20 years ago started a simple love for massage therapy. This love took me to China for training with the masters of massage after graduation in 2003. This was the trip that ignited the passion inside my heart for the human body. Struggling with my life's personal wellness battles I set out on my journey in hopes to experience the ultimate mental, physical, and emotional health and well being. This experience inspired me and lite a fire in my soul to help and share the art of healing with as many people as possible.

I am honored to share my story with you, and be part of your wellness journey!

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After weight loss surgery in 2011....
Lost 100 pounds

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After 8 years happily and foolishly eating, drinking and being merry 50 of those lost pounds found their way back. I fell right back down the emotional rabbit hole just discussed as fun in a bottle! Then it comes down to that magical day you decide to take control over your life back.

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Then the weight return mary-go-round!

March 2018
My 40th Birthday

April 2022
Starting Day 

A journey of wellness is one of continued personal growth!

Then the dreeded moment when I say enough is enough! I have to do something. Back to the basics I went. I was fortunate to have good friends that had got into coaching Optivia a weight loss program. I had heard of it previously and at this point just wanted the weight coming off again. After 3 months on the program and losing 25 pounds, the fear began to set in! How can I maintain this if not eating real food? Thankful of technology on Facebook found a group that I followed and began to see where I was right and where I fell short. I transitioned over and like that I was just back to eating, logging, calculating macros. There is so many new products that have been coming on the market. If this is a struggle for you, reach out to me and together lets see what  works the best for you. 

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What a difference a year can make!
April 2023

It is Time to take the wheel of your
Wellness Journey!

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Don't give up...reach out! We all have our struggles, that's what makes the rainbow that much more incredible when you get to it! Just to discover you held your pot of gold inside you all this time.

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What fills my
Love Tank?

Living my best life
Tomorrow is never

Filling your love tank will always lead you to your rainbow!

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When you have to get back on track you need someone who has experience with those ups and downs in the wellness journey.

Watching my clients get relief and making changes on their wellness journey lights my heart with love.

The more that my clients and our culture are making changes on their wellness journey touch my heart to the core. As many continue learning and trying new ways of de-stressing and emotional clearing techniques, bodywork, self love and mental health practices over joys my heart and soul with love. 

Most of us grew up in the "suck it up" generation. We don't have time to be sick or not feel good. We have too much to take care of. Adulting with kids, jobs, finances, spouses and somewhere in there we are to be healthy. I know it sounds crazy..... but there is a way. Most of us are living our lives with emotions and trauma's from our past. As a massage therapist I have seen and felt the physical effects it has taken on my clients as well as myself. The processing of emotions has become an issue of mine since losing my mom. Acting as if I am fine and trying to live each day, I began my own emotional processing meltdowns from stifling and ignoring for so many years. Refusing to give up in my own personal battles and mis-steps in health, I set out again. My new quest in uncovering the truth in processing the emotions and the effects it has over our chakras centers and specifically how to clear the emotions to create coherency between heart, mind, behavior and actions. 

GOING GLBOAL... and I am bringing you with me. Follow in my journey and help inspire yourself to dig deep to find your pot of gold. Here is to you and your personal wellness journey, finding your wellness rainbow! If there is anything that I can do or questions that I may answer please feel free to contact me.  

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