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Recharge Your Cells

Living with physical pain, low energy, or mental health challenges is draining. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a safe, science-backed solution to recharge your cells and restore your body to complete health.

Our PEMF specialists work with you to customize your treatment and maximize results. Give yourself the gift of improved physical and mental health.


What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a non-invasive and easy technique to alleviate pain and inflammation without drugs. PEMF sends a gentle electrical pulse through cells to enhance circulation, cellular metabolism, and energy. Think of it as recharging your cells so you can better absorb nutrients and produce energy while flushing out toxins.

Our clients use PEMF therapy to reduce chronic pain, heal acute and chronic injuries, and improve their overall mental and physical well-being. PEMF therapy is perfect for priming your cells for superior athletic performance as well as overcoming daily stressors and discomfort.


Our PEMF therapy session allows you to lay down in comfort while soft electric pulses stimulate your cells. We target specific areas and tailor the pulses depending on the kind of healing you need. Clients report that sessions are relaxing, and they experience numerous benefits from regular sessions.

How Does PEMF Therapy Work?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy uses copper coils to generate a magnetic field that passes through body cells. This stimulation allows cells to open their membranes for easier nutrient absorption and removal of cellular waste.

The result is improved circulation, oxygenation, hydration, detoxification, and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, all while reducing inflammation and facilitating healing.

Although PEMF therapy is relatively new, its efficacy is proven. Researchers tested PEMF therapy in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial and concluded that it was safe and effective for treating chronic pain(1). The FDA also approves PEMF therapy to treat bone fractures, depression and anxiety, and post-operative healing(2, 3).







While scientists are still researching the mechanisms of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and finding ways to improve treatments, the efficacy of PEMF therapy cannot be denied.


Benefits of PEMF Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers a wide range of benefits for physical and mental health, all without using invasive procedures or potentially harmful or addictive medication. Our clients usually seek PEMF therapy to treat their chronic fatigue, fractures, injuries, sciatica, anxiety, and depression.

Some of the many benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy include:

  • Pain relief

  • Faster healing

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Greater range of motion

  • Enhanced healing and flexibility of ligaments and tendons

  • Increased energy

  • Improved sleep

  • Healthy liver function

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Reverse osteoporosis

  • Increase stem cell proliferation

PEMF therapy is also proven to help with parkinson’s symptoms, Bell’s Palsystroke recover, concussion, TBI, heart failure and eye diseases.


a 51-hour program to be completed in 17 weeks as an investment for those who want to set a firm foundation for their cellular wellness. This robust timeline is backed by the science of cell turnover. While white blood cells turn over every 13 days, red blood cells do so every 120 days or 17 weeks.

Patients who might require a slower start with PEMF will be worked with on creating a custom treatment plan with shorter treatment times to work up to the longer 1 hour  sessions for optimal results.  

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